the caragan review

What's the Caragan Review?

The Caragan Review is an assessment of andabrek by Caragan Music - a music agency who liaise between unsigned talent and the major record labels. We are over the moon that the album received such a positive review from such an esteemed panel of music industry professionals.

Who are Caragan?

Collectively the Caragan team have personal experience of all areas of the music industry. Through years of working in the business they have built up an impressive array of industry contacts. The team is made up of

  • Vince de la Cruz - a grammy nominee, who wrote several hits for Katrina and the Waves and has worked alongside The Beach Boys, Don Henley, The Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, Hepburn, George Michael and Vangelis.

  • Mike Nocito - an acclaimed song-writer, musician, engineer and producer with 25 years of music-industry experience. As well as achieving huge success with his own band, Johnny Hates Jazz, he has engineered and produced songs for many famous artists including Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, The Police, Gina G, Pink Floyd ... and many more.

  • Daren Walder - started in RAK studios under the direction of pop-legend, Mickie Most. In the studio Daren has worked with a huge number of acts including The Cure, The Stone Roses, Johnny Hates Jazz, and the Lenny Kravitz band. As a tour manager, Daren has worked alongside Westlife, Five, A1, Samantha Mumba, Billie and Atomic Kitten.

  • Alex Cooper - a grammy nominated song-writer and performer who has toured the world several times over and even won the Eurovision Song Contest! As a manager he has negotiated a dozen or more major deals and in A&R his history of identifying hits goes right back to Supertramp and "Dreamer".


The Caragan Review

Here's the essence of the letter that they sent to Stephen James:

The vibe and performance created is good on all twelve songs. The structure of each track is notable as the things that you want to happen, generally do happen where you want them to, ie, the songs build well and develop nicely from start to finish, good placement of bridges [and] chorus[es]. The songwriting technique is good, as is the vocal performance which we felt fitted the style and genre of [the] music and sold the tracks well with passion and a radio friendly tone. Our favourite track and the one we all felt had the strongest tune was actually "Digital Destiny" which has some nice chord structure and a good arrangement with the most commercial flavour and strongest tune of the twelve with great energy. We do feel that this had the edge in terms of the core melody and initial impact over [the other tracks], although all still well written, and appreciate the work and production [that has] gone into each track.

.....we definitely think the potential for you is there.....