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Big D Studios - Audio Production - Original Music - Sound Design = Post Production - Narration

what we do

BigDStudios is an 8 times award winning audio production studio primarily providing original music, sound design, post production, and narration services. We provide a highly professional service aimed at corporate businesses and large organisations and we also work in association with smaller companies commissioned by large elite clients in the industry such as Disney, Marvel and Warner Bros.

Made In Devon LogoWe are also a proud member of "Made In Devon" and approved by Trading Standards' "Buy with Confidence" scheme.

Before starting a project we will liaise with you to discuss your requirements and expectations. This gives both parties the opportunity to assess whether a successful partnership or collaboration is possible and realistic. We believe that it is vital to the process that everyone involved feels at ease with the proposal and with each other. If we feel we cannot provide the necessary service we will happily signpost you to someone who can. If you are looking for big lights, fancy mixing desks and the generic razzle dazzle experience then this is not the studio for you. What we promise to offer instead is a holistic approach. We will provide uniquely created work of the highest quality, a relaxed atmosphere, attention to the finest detail, all honed from decades of experience, and most importantly: the personal touch.

We are primarily a private studio with projects usually completed in-house, but if required and by special arrangement artistes such as voice actors or singers may be invited to work directly in the studio.

Our state of the art digital music production and editing suite is located about 15 miles from Exeter and is built on all the experience and reputation gained during it's time at Littlebridge, just across the road from the Westpoint Arena. With an adjoining performance area designed to accomodate a single performer, whether they be VO artistes, singers or musicians, the compact nature of the studio lends itself to a relaxed atmosphere and highly communicative production style.


Piano Music

If you are looking for a specific piece of music to become your brand signature, to enhance a corporate presentation, or to support an AR/VR/gaming experience, then this is our forte. We are equally at home composing music for television and radio projects. Simply give us your specifications and timeline, and let us provide you with a stunning piece of music expertly crafted to meet your requirements over a wide range of genres from a cinematic orchestral masterpiece to scintillating electro-pop.

Setting music to picture requires composition skill and a broad understanding of music and film and the relationship they enjoy. It requires keen interpretation and imagination of which we have an abundance. We can take your film or picture project and enhance it with dynamic, compelling atmospheric and evocative compositions.

Twins playing bass

We provide professional re-workings of commercial tracks and musical compositions from an extensive range of genres. We are particularly proficient at creating replica tracks almost indistinguishable yet subtly altered from the original. Alternatively if you are looking to achieve a 'similar' piece we are able to tailor the process to your needs and can produce compositions far enough away from the original yet still familiar to the public. This is a particularly valuable and popular utility as it means avoiding complex copyright/licensing issues that may delay or prevent projects proceeding.

Video editor at work

For film and other video projects we provide a range of audio post production services ranging from dialogue cleaning and editing to synchronising and combining all the elements needed to finalise your project including narration, dialogue, music and Foley placement. Our award winning sound design service creates the audio experience to complement your picture in stereo or industry standard 5.1 surround.

We adeptly treat narration scripts, radio scripted dialogue, documentary commentary, audio books, movie trailers, explainer videos, telephone IVR and auto attendant, video games, videos, apps, programs, audio plays, commercials, pulling everything together, ironing out the wrinkles and adding our unique signature polish.

Lorna Bryant VO

From commercials and gaming to corporate presentations and audio books we are able to provide professional voice over and narration by our very own in-house Audie award nominated voice actor. We also have a network of associate voice actors available if required, and we are also very happy to work with your own VO artistes and provide coaching if needed. This offers a fantastic opportunity for voice actors and voice-over artistes to achieve high quality, professional recordings.


Musicians and singers can combine a selection of their work into one comprehensive seamless piece of art. This is a great vehicle to show off your talents to potential clients, audiences, performance venues etc.


Share your musical ideas with us and we will arrange them into a song or instrumental track for you. Alternatively you can commission us to compose a brand new track. This service is ideal for singers, songwriters and musicians and covers a wide range of genres of music from classical to pop.

in-house vocal coach and professional singer songwriter

Along with our team of voice actors we also have the luxury of an associate in-house vocal coach and professional singer/songwriter should you need help or guidance with voice production and technique or ideas related to composition and lyrics.

about us

Old StudioBigDStudios originally operated at Little Bridge Business Park nr Westpoint, Exeter in the 00's. The studio was a hybrid digital/analogue setup combining Apple Mac and ADAT feeding through MOTU interfaces to an analogue Soundcraft desk supported by a combination of analogue and digital outboard equipment.

During this period BigDStudios became the preferred studio in the East Devon area for the "New Deal for Musicians" - a government scheme which operated at the time to give struggling artistes a much needed leg up. A diverse range of budding musicians came to record at the studio, from a solo drummer to a hip-hop duo, as well as traditional singer-songwriters. Traditional folk singer Holly Karlsen came to the studio under the wing of Arthur Cook and recorded her album "What will the neighbours say?" and went on to be featured in the national press.

Steve Wright We quickly gained a reputation as a quality studio in the area and one of the highlights of the period include the recording of 3 seasons of comedy jingles for "Steve Wright in the Afternoon" - the most popular show on UK radio at the time. The jingles were aired daily and Steve Wright himself rang to team to thank us and to let us know how much he was enjoying them.

The studio was also used by a television company providing several commercials to ITV and Nickelodeon and as far as we are aware in one of the commercials produced for Crealy Park we were the first to put the sound of an F1 car synced to the pictures of children's go-karts... and now everybody's doing it!.

The RSC film and television actor Ian Richardson was really impressed by us - He is probably best known to television viewers for playing Francis Urquhart of the original "House of Cards" or as Simon de Canterville in 1997 movie "The Canterville Ghost". As a leading Shakespeare stage actor he narrated the dvd "The Life of Shakespeare" at BigDStudios and he had this to say about us...

Ian Richardson"What a very real pleasure to find a superbly fitted, thoroughly professional sound studio so close to my Devon base! Please be assured that there are no facilities which I have encountered in the Metropolis more efficient than Apache - and in many cases, nothing like so patient and friendly."

Despite our success, reputation, and an imminent tie in with a television company, the studio had to close down due to unfortunate personal circumstances.

The old studio has gone, but the ethos and professionalism remain.


A quality production has many elements: the concept, the style and genre, composition, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering. It is an organic, multifarious and complete art and can only be executed and refined with the skill and perception that only the best sound technicians possess. It's not just about the programming! Here at BigDStudios we aim to provide those special ingredients that have been lost in the digital age, 'The human touch'. You will have the opportunity to bring your projects to life under the guidance and expertise of Steve Watts, a recording and sound engineer with experience in the music industry spanning over 30 years. Our mission is to support you and guide you through all the various stages of your project and enable you to successfully realise your ideas.

pearl approach

Creatives tend to have no shortage of ideas and too often find themselves drowning in a sea of concepts but are at a loss when trying to sift and shape them into reality. This is where BigDStudios becomes an invaluable resource. Share your ocean of ideas and we will locate the pearls. We will listen, identify and focus on the (often hidden) potential, and then with great care and sensitivity produce something rare, admirable and valuable.


With the demise of the big star spangled recording studios (only now for rich and famous) and the emergence of apps like GarageBand, many people are under the misconception that simply by programming you can achieve the same result as you would alongside a professional producer in a studio. We are specifically designed and qualified to bridge that gap. Every piece of music is treated as a unique, individual creation in its own right and executed with precision and expertise.


Ideas are like people: complex, unique and diverse. Every musical concept or project has a personality and must be treated as such with understanding, patience, and a highly developed insight into how to coax out and achieve its true potential.


mixing hardware

All signal processing and mixing is performed within the digital domain inside the Apple M1, but mouse and keyboard are not conducive to music production and so we use controller hardware from the industry giant SSL, putting the feel and convenience of their legendary 4000 series consoles at our finger tips.

Neumann Mic


High quality microphones in a properly treated acoustic space is the essential start of a good recording.
We use microphones from Neumann, AKG, Rode, Shure and Audio Technica. Our voice overs and audio books benefit particularly from the natural sound of our recording space.

SSL 12

signal path

Getting the audio signals in and out of the computer is the job of the interface. Our interface also comes from SSL and even incorporates circuitry from their legendary 4000 series consoles. In conjunction with the associated software the interface provides comprehensive monitoring.

Plugins Screenshot

software plugins

The analogue equipment that used to fill a studio has been replaced with software plugins and we use high quality plugins from highly reputable companies like SSL, Fabfilter and IK Multimedia, and our extensive software instrument library is greatly enhanced by the Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra